The Beginning
New Friendships

Marcus finds Zeke bringing in a debtor to the loan shark who is paying a handsome bounty for him. Marcus manages to convince Zeke, Arifir, and Hassan (who hear the commotion and come to investigate) to join him in a task that his uncle (the King) has asked him to complete. Upon joining together they receive instructions from the King to take care of a small group of goblins harassing folk on the path to a nearby town. The group heads out and takes the goblins on head on, managing to kill all but one of the goblins who slips through Zeke’s sizeable hands. Upon returning to the castle the King reveals that he is sending Marcus and his ragtag group out into the world to travel and explore. Marcus leaves the table to look after Arifir who suddenly left the table declaring that he was unwell. The King then reveals that he is ill and dying and is sending Marcus out to prepare for becoming king and that each member of the group will receive a small fortune upon the King’s death.

tl;dr Goblins got their asses whooped and the prince is leaving the castle.

Bounty Claimed?

Through their investigative abilities our heroes clear up a clearly bogus claim of misdoings upon Raine’s head and manage to find an old companion at the same time. Now they must decide what is the best course of action to take since they have rescued their lost companion. Meanwhile, the Crushing Fist has foul plots afoot and every minute that our heroes spend waiting is one minute the cult comes closer to achieving their evil plans.

The Path to Inaech

After a trek out of the city of Inaech our travels came upon a small band of traders that sold them horses for a promise and a magic sword… that disappeared some time during the night. Now our travelers have reached Orm’untu with the knowledge that one of their group has managed to obtain a bounty on her head by some… questionable claims.

Getting out of Town

As dawn was breaking, our adventurers found themselves in a rather awkward position. They were being attacked by the town guard! After a difficult battle our heroes faced the mighty tarrasque not so intrepid heroes clambered out of a window onto the street below and fled through the sewers to the ocean. Speculation abounds as to the state of the kingdom that a city guard would attack the crown prince. What lies next? A trip to the elf-lands where they hope to continue on their journey to rescue their former fellow traveler Arifir.

tl;dr The Kingdom is falling apart and no rest for the wicked.

Dead Ends

Our heroes take their newly captured priest of Bane to a nearby cave marked on Marcus’s map with the intention of interrogation. The priest fanatically attempts to convert our companions to the worship of Bane, however he is less than successful. Little is found out from the priest that is not already known, and the priest is gruesomely killed. Vanessa is horrified with the manner that the priest is killed and upon reaching Inaech she decides to leave the group for good. Marcus plots out the road for traveling to the island and will soon lead our fateful group into elven lands.

tl;dr Vanessa is squeamish for a bounty hunter and off to the elven forest!

Your Princess is in Another Castle!

After obtaining some information from a cowardly Blade, the group discovers that Arifir is no longer in the Crushing Fist stronghold. In response our heroes ran through the stronghold defeating anyone who stood in their path and capturing a priest with a sassy mouth. After taking the priest, the companions set fire to the compound and left in a hurry.

tl;dr Vengeance is sweet?

A Daring Rescue

After spending a rest at the Tradestop Inn, Vanessa gave the rundown on the Crushing Fist and reveals that she was a member of the cult for a short period of time due to monetary incentives.

Karya tells the group about how she followed a suspicious man exiting the Tradestop Inn the previous day. Zeke recognizes Karya’s description of the mans coconspirators as men whom Zeke has a questionable past with.

The group sets off for the ruins of Ka’Lech in the Inyu Jungle and prepares to rescue their waylaid companion. Upon reaching the ruins, Vanessa refuses to enter for reasons known only to her. Without a guide, the group descends into the dungeon.

tl;dr Vanessa’s a chicken and the group’s heading in blind.

The End of Arifir (OR IS IT?)

After a harrowing battle with a platoon of men from the Crushing Fist, Arifir is taken from the group violently. The group feels the loss of their mage, however they are helpless to the small army of men that the Crushing Fist brought with them. The reasons why they took Arifir are still unknown to the group.

Upon escaping the gruesome battle, the group traveled through the night to the city of Inaech. Zeke is well known due by the guards for his previous work in the city as a bouncer for one of the seedier bars in town called “The Brass Monkey.” The group is admitted to the city and head to the Tradestop Inn where they are promised lodging and help with their wounds.

At the Tradestop Inn Zeke is confronted by a familiar face who seems to know a fair bit about the Crushing Fist. Vanessa bandages them up and sends them off to bed with promises of explanation the following morning.

As they head off to bed, a cloaked character heads out of the Inn.

tl;dr Arifir is a damsel in distress and Zeke has a past.

Welcome to the Jungle

Upon entering the Inyu Jungle the group soon encounters two Kenku and their old friend the goblin who escaped. The group strides right into the Kenku and fail to hear any details of why they might be traveling with Drakes and Pseudodragons. Arifir manages to catch a pseudodragon with the aid of Marcus and the group thoroughly trounces the Kenku and drakes. Upon finishing the battle, the group headed out of the jungle and have just set up camp for the night.

tl;dr Marcus does not think about his actions beforehand.

Leaving Taess

As Karya, Zillah, and Raine approached the castle in order to take care of their human cargo, Hassan and Zeke looked into the Church of Avandra’s cellar and found what appeared to be a runaway hideout, but little else. Meanwhile Prince Marcus’s discussion with the priest of Avandra reveals little that the knight did not already discuss with them.

Up at the castle, Karya revels in making the local Baron squirm as he makes multiple faux pas and embarrasses himself.

Down in town Zeke and Hassan are approached by a shady character who introduces himself as Barrington IV, the leader of the local Merchant’s Guild. He makes a proposition to them that they should leave the town without stirring the pot that is the mess between the church and the law. After conferring with Marcus Hassan and Arifir return to Barrington and accept his bribe after untruthfully telling him that they would not return to the town afterwards.

tl;dr Karya is rather sadistic and the group will return to Taess.


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