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Hello and Welcome to Kaeldra!

This land is a diverse collection of all that is to be offered, with elves in the western forest, dwarves in the northern mountains, humans spreading across the eastern majority of the continent and even an eladrin settlement (Alteria) in the north on the edge of dwarven territory.

There have been rumors of kobolds stirring upon the eastern continent in the deserts and in the mountains, but news from Fort Da’gair suggests nothing that can’t be handled with a swift sword stroke by the brave protectors of the empire of man. However, communications with the fort unexpectedly ceased a little over a fortnight previous.

Meanwhile the volcano that was thought to be extinct on Kaeros Isle has begun smoking fiercely. During the spring the isle was unapproachable due to the whirlpools that form in between the isle and the mainland due to ocean currents, but now summer is approaching and citizens are curious about the fate of the once beautiful forested isle.

Aelar the Magnificent has invited anyone from any kingdom to visit the elven capital of Aelodon in order to celebrate 100 years of peace since the end of the War of Dust. Ambassadors from each of the major kingdoms are anticipated to participate in the event. Something seems amiss though as Aelar has put out a request to search for the greatest warriors of the realm without explanation of why.

As tales often have a habit of, a series of tales have popped up around the realm about a treasure located on the southern continent. They say that this treasure is responsible for a series of strange and incredible lights that have appeared in the night sky for the past month. Most say that the lights are a result of the unusually warm spring, but others say that something was uncovered by the spring’s melt. Of course, the tale is often repeated in taverns, but some warriors have taken it seriously and have sworn to head south to the southern continent once summer has fully taken hold and Trikong Pass has become passable.

Your journey began in the human city of Valheim and has since moved on out into the world!

The Crushing Fist seems to have sinister plots afoot, what implications could this have for our group of intrepid travelers?

Main Page

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